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3rd Annual Mentoring Summit

3rd Annual Mentoring Summit
A Call to Action: Transforming Our World Through Mentoring

October 24, 2014
California State University Fresno – North Gym 118

Education….Community Organizing….Business Sector

Thank you for attending our Third Annual Mentoring Summit!  We have made the keynote speaker presentation and Baird Middle School – Young Men’s Alliance presentation available for you.

Keynote Speaker: Kay Iwata

Intentional Activism: Let’s Rock!!!

What holds us back from getting into action to realize our vision of a compassionate, just and equitable society? How can we overcome what may appear as daunting barriers to change? Using the change dynamics from Switch How to Change when Change is Hard, by Chip and Dan Heath this interactive session is designed to provide insights to participants of just how possible it may be to flip the switch of change. The model is applicable on a one on one, group, community or societal level. Let’s find a way to put intentional activism in action and rock!!!

Download Kay Iwata’s Handout here.

Baird Middle School – Young Men’s Alliance (YMA)

The mission of the Youg Men’s Alliance (YMA) is to help students develop personal, behavioral, and academic skills that will lead to success in the classroom, career and beyond.  Primarily focusing on students with behavioral and academic issues who traditionally wouldn’t be exposed to activities beyond the school walls. Participants in the program meet daily, all in an effort, to provide stability for each student.  The program utilizes effective leadership curriculum and trained mentors/facilitators who help students develop leadership and coping skills to manage negative behaviors that lead to suspension/expulsion.

Download the YMA Handout here.