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CLEAR Membership

Join CLEAR today to:

  • Be inspired through access to resources to help you advocate for equity in education for all students.
  • Be involved with people just like you working on challenges and successes in making a difference for students.
  • Be supported through leadership development, networking and mentoring opportunities.

CLEAR has members with unique tools, experience and expertise to help you reach your leadership goals in organizations, classrooms and schools. CLEAR is here to support you no matter what grade level of students you work with or support from pre-school to higher education. CLEAR is also here to help develop and sustain an equitable culture in your school, school district, community college or university.

Membership Benefits

  • Professional development opportunities to meet the needs of educational leaders working with all, and especially, underserved populations.
  • Professional seminars and workshops to address issues of implicit bias, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Access to research white papers, reports and briefs on social justice and equity issues.
  • Discounts for registration at CLEAR events.
  • Advocacy for aspiring leaders; especially leaders of color.

We invite you to become a member of CLEAR, a non-profit focused on social justice, cultural competency and equity through leadership development.

Members of CLEAR include:

  • School and district leaders
  • Aspiring administrators
  • Teachers
  • Aspiring Teachers
  • University Professors
  • Community Members
  • Community Advocates
  • Counselors
  • Students

Membership Fee:

Annual membership is $150.00 per year from the time of registration.

Membership for students (undergraduate) is $100.00 annually.

We look forward to hearing from you and joining you in continuing the important work we do on behalf of others.

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