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We Invite You to Partner With Us

Dear Friend and Colleague in Social Justice,
I hope this message finds you well. The Center for Leadership, Equity and Research recently reached a milestone of 10 years serving followers from throughout the Social Justice, Racial Justice and Equity community. This “community” is made up mostly of educational leaders like yourself throughout the United States. In 2011 we began our efforts in the Central Valley of California and have since developed partnerships and collaborations throughout the state. A goal for CLEAR during 2021 – 2022 is to continue to develop national and international partnerships, particularly in light of increasing assaults on voting rights and educational instruction and leadership in the United States.
One of our core pillars at CLEAR has been advancing research on social justice and equity within K-12 and higher education through the Journal of Leadership, Equity and Research (JLER). From its inception in 2014, the journal has served as a dedicated forum for scholars, particularly scholars of color, to publish findings on leadership in social justice and equity within the educational system. After years of effort, the JLER was recently approved as an indexed journal, which will bring greater visibility to the research published in the JLER and established legitimacy in the academic publishing world. This affirms JLER as a resource to advance the careers of scholars focused on social justice and equity, as well as to affect social change within the educational system.
As a longtime colleague and fellow advocate of social justice, I am asking you to help continue the legacy of CLEAR with a monetary donation. Beyond the volunteer work of our editorial board, each issue of JLER involves the reading, editing and review of individual articles costing an average of $4,000-$5,000 per edition. We are hoping that you, or someone you know (individual or organization), would consider becoming a benefactor of CLEAR at the $4,000 level. Should you join at this level, your name or company logo will be posted on our website as well as accompany the journal posting three times each year. Benefactors will also be recognized during CLEAR’s monthly webinars. Of course, there are opportunities to contribute at the levels of $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more — whatever you are able to give. You can donate to CLEAR here. Donations are tax deductible.
Like you, I have dedicated my career to advancing greater equity and inclusion within educational leadership, and to fostering an educational system that serves and reflects the standpoints of all of our youth. I am proud to share this collective journey with you in advocating for greater equity and justice, even as we continue to face resistance. Please join me in continuing the fight and our legacy by supporting CLEAR today.
Yours Truly in Social Justice,
Ken Magdaleno, Ed.D.