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A message from one of our proteges: Leena Mendoza

A message from one of our proteges: Leena Mendoza.

I believe in mentoring.  This is my tenth year mentoring college students.  I mentor about 60 students a semester.  It all began with providing a workshop for the Hispanic Business Student Association.  I became their mentor.  I was then invited to provide a workshop for the international Business Association.  I now mentor their group since their inception.  I am also a mentor for the Puente Program (Latino students) and the United Southeast Asian Student Union (southeast asian students).  I have mentored students of all races, nationalities, cultures, and faith.  I have a long track record of successful students.  We learned together along the way.  Many tears of fear, sadness, and joy.  I know that the same mentoring gets poured into my son as well.  I am so grateful to be a mentor and protege.  Check out a video that was released last week through Fresno State Focus hosted by Jerry Gomez.

Thank you Dr. Magdaleno!!  Mentoring Matters!!  Hechale!!