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CLEARvoz Journal – Third Edition

The third edition of the CLEARvoz Journal has been published.  It is available at


This journal features studies and academic papers on various pressing issues in PK-20 schools.  In particular, the issue includes a longitudinal study designed to learn the best practices to employ in order to increase college access and success for underrepresented students, a pilot study that examines an innovative methodology for assessing student learning outcomes at a counseling program’s training clinic,  a qualitative study exploring the perceptions and practices of top-level district administrators regarding the use of fit within principal selection processes through a conceptual framework of cloning cultures which raise significant equity issues for non-Caucasian selection participants, and a study that provides a comparison between traditional and innovative models with a practical resource that will help administrators question their beliefs about discipline.  The volume has implications for educators, education leaders, mentors and other professionals who are committed to equity in schools.

The CLEARvoz Journal, a publication of CLEAR, is focused on providing a multidisciplinary forum to provide a broad range of education professionals an avenue to share scholarly knowledge in the area of Equity and Leadership in K-20 education.  CLEARvoz Journal is the research branch of CLEAR, a non-profit organization focused on eliminating the equity gap in educational settings.

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Mahmoud Suleiman, Ph.D.
CLEARvoz Journal Editor