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7th Annual Mentoring Summit

Seventh Annual Leadership Mentoring Summit

Celebrating Leadership!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Clovis Veterans Memorial District

“Celebrating Leadership!” is the theme of the CLEAR 7th Annual Leadership Mentoring Summit. Leaders from around the state and nation will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate on top leadership, social justice, and mentoring opportunities and subjects. Attendees network with other leaders in a setting where difficult discussions are promoted and strategies are shared. The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) is made up of leader practitioners and researchers involved in developing other leaders and addressing issues not necessarily spoken of in a safe and open setting. Join us on March 1, 2019 and become part of the solution…

Keynote Speaker – Ramsey Jay, Jr. 

Ramsey Jay, Jr. is a widely recognized expert on leadership development, revered international motivational speaker, strategic communication consultant, and executive coach driven by his mission: “Empowering Dreamers to Become Achievers”, the title of his book. His 3P’s methodology, (Possible, Probable, Predictable) emphasizes ‘process mastery’….. Read more here.