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CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program

The CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program is a two-year long leadership development and mentoring program that provides current and future leaders with veteran mentors who will guide and support them as they continue to develop leadership skills. Both protégés and mentors are also provided expert training in the area of “praxis” or “intentional activism.” This activism is meant to change the manner in which “things have always been done” in order to address ongoing equity issues in schools and communities.

The program includes:

  • Mentorship Training
  • Leadership Training and Seminars
  • Guest Speakers from the Education, Legal, and Political Realms

The goals of this academy are fourfold:

1. To provide mentoring opportunities whereby leaders understand that they are not alone in their commitment to educational equity and will be supported by their mentor and the cohort
2. To develop positive role models for the Latino community and for other at-risk populations
3. To develop leaders who are committed to equity practices and praxis
4. To provide leadership learning opportunities in the areas of:

a. Mentoring
b. Systemic Change
c. Networking
d. Advocacy
e. Cultural and Intercultural Communication
f. Intentional Activism – Praxis

Cohort 6

CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program #6