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Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research

VOL 7, NO 1 (2021)

Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research

Table of Contents


Foreword: E Pluribus Unun: Pillars for Equity and Social Justice
Mahmoud Suleiman

Perceptions Of Inequality As Racial Projects: Uncovering Ethnoracial And Gendered Patterns Among First-generation College-going Asian American Students
Gilberto Q Conchas, Socorro Cambero, Vanessa Delgado, Jess Lee, and Leticia Oseguera

Effects Of A Collaborative, Technology-based Intervention Involving School Principals To Retain Early-career Teachers: A Scaled, Quantitative Research Study
James A. Martinez, Frederick L. Uy, and Cathy Williams

Embracing Asset-based School Leadership Dispositions In Advancing True Equity And Academic Achievement For Students Living In Poverty
Kitty M. Fortner, Jose Lalas, and Heidi Strikwerda

Knowledge In Use: Designing For Play In Kindergarten Science Contexts
Jeanane Charara, Emily Adah Miller, and Joseph Krajcik

Wise-compassionate Framework: A Leadership Guide To Educational Equity
Felipe Mercado

Commentary — An Anti-American Ban On Critique: A Critical Policy Commentary
Mia Settles-Tidwell, Ari Dolid, Susan Ingram, Richard Watters, Victor Small Jr., Kristin Vogel-Campbell, Sarah Ansari, Lynne Mullen, Kathryn Strom, Peg Winkelman, Ardella Dailey, and Mari Gray

Book Review
Latina Teachers: Creating Careers and Guarding Culture
Timothy M. Monreal, Adriana Cervantes-González, and Leslie Rebecca Torres

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