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The following is a list of presentations for the third annual CLEAR Mentoring Summit on October 24, 2014.


9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Building Entrepreneurial Skills Through Mentoring
Dr. Timothy Stearns, Professor/Executive Director, Lyles Center

The nature of work around the globe is undergoing a fundamental change. More employers are seeking skills that are innovative and entrepreneurial. The Entrepreneur Mentor Program at Fresno State is nationally acclaimed for its ability to build innovative and entrepreneurial skills into college students. The Entrepreneur Mentor Program is designed to give aspiring students from all disciplines an opportunity to build relationships with some of the Central Valley’s leaders and entrepreneurs.

College Opportunity Ambassadors Mentoring Project
Cheri Cruz, Faculty/Assoc Director
California State University, Fresno/CVHEC

Byron Harwell, Grad Student
California State University, Fresno

Aide Navarro, Grad Student
California State University, Fresno

Our presentation will showcase a best practices program for creating an early advising program that targets first generation college goers and students of color. Fresno State Counseling Education Student will share their experiences working with the high school students. Firstly, we will focus on the early advising and the Boot Camp format in which students stay a week at Fresno State with college Mentors and receive intensive college readiness presentations, curriculum.

Focus Forward
Coreen Campos
Chief Executive Officer

Kirsten Mckelvie, Program Manager
Focus Forward

Leanne Cervantes, Mentor
Student, Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a community benefit organization that is embedded in the Fresno County Juvenile Justice system where we work collaboratively with administration to provide ongoing services to youth. Our clients, staff, and mentors represent many different nationalities, socioeconomic statuses, educational levels and fields. Focus Forward enlists volunteers from across the Central Valley to provide mentoring services to incarcerated youth at the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus. Through training in mentoring practices, case management, mandated reporting, developmental assessments including the ASQ and ASQ-SE, and counseling techniques, we equip our mentors to serve the many emotional and socio-economic needs of this population.

High School Bigs Mentoring Program
Diane Phakonekham, Program Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters Central California

Alex Huerta, Program Development Officer
Big Brothers Big Sisters Central California

This presentation is about a very successful program ran by the Boys Brothers Big Sisters Club (BBBS) of Central California. The High School Bigs Mentoring Program (HSBs) provides the opportunity for a high school student to meet with an elementary school student they have been matched with. The pairings meet 90 minutes a week. The staff at BBBS coordinates and supervises the meetings and a representative is always available for support. This mentoring program allows high school students to volunteer to provide one-to-one attention, support and encouragement to elementary students who have difficulty in school academically and/or socially.

Mitigating Undermatching: A Cohort Mentorship Program
Roxanne Ocampo, Founder
Quetzal Mama

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Quetzal Mama Scholars Program – an intensive (7-month) mentorship program for high-performing, historically underrepresented, low-income, first generation high school students. In addition, the presenter will share unique insight into the complexities and special challenges surrounding the selective college admission process for this particular demographic. Finally, the presenter will share admission statistics from the last two cohorts, and address obstacles as well as best practices.


11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Moving Beyond Basic Skills in Community Colleges: The Beliefs and Practices of Culturally Responsive Peer Mentors
Dr. Vivian Mun, Assistant Professor – Vanguard University and Faculty – CalStateTEACH


This presentation will be on the research and study of Dr. Vivian Mun, focusing on basic skills peer mentoring in the community colleges. In California community colleges, Latino students are over-represented in non-credit, basic skills courses and demonstrate a lower basic skills course success rate than the average statewide pass rate. Dr. Mun’s study has revealed the culturally responsive philosophies and practices of three peer mentors as they supported Latino, basic skills students in writing at a community college center.

SCORE – Business Mentoring for small business in an underserved community
Dr. Christian Wandeler
California State University, Fresno


SCORE is a nonprofit association that has been helping small businesses to get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship since nearly fifty years. Because SCORE’s work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and thanks to SCORE’s network of 11,000+ volunteers, SCORE is able to deliver services at no charge or at very low cost. Volunteer MENTORS share their expertise across 62 industries, they provide free, confidential business counseling in person or via email and offer free business tools, templates and tips online, and inexpensive or free business workshops locally or online.

Student Success and Research Mentoring in STEM: Student and Faculty Collaboration in the Production of Geoscience Scholarship
Chris Cruz- Boone, Lecturer
California State University, Bakersfield


Research has shown that people of color remain underrepresented in the geoscience profession.The geoscience field is far below the national trend and minority groups earned only 4.6% of all B.S. degrees awarded in geosciences. This study employed a mixed methods exploratory sequential design and investigated geoscience student experiences with research.

To Give the Most and Receive the Most in a Mentor Relationship
Dr. Wayne Padover, Associate Professor
National University


Oftentimes men-tees see themselves as being on one end of a receiving line of “pearls of wisdom” from their respective mentors. This interactive presentation will ask audience members to view the mentor/men-tee relationship in a more reciprocal manner. As an example, what are contributions a men-tee can make to the mentor as related to helping them gain an understanding of contemporary candidates’ culture/values and aspirations. The process of mentoring is about developing a relationship which can benefit both parties.

A Mentoring Model to Aid in Student Persistence
C. Michelle Bradford
Assistant Professor, College of Business and Management & Chair, Faculty Advising and Persistence
DeVry University

Sharon Starcher
Department Chair & Associate Professor, College of Business and Management
DeVry University

This will be an informational presentation that introduces a successful mentoring model that inspires student/faculty connectivity outside the classroom setting and strives to increase student persistence rates. This workshop will utilize audience participation, Poll-Everywhere, and upbeat presentation methods to introduce a growing, successful advising/mentoring model that inspires student/faculty connectivity and persistence in this digital age.