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CLEAR Young Professionals Corps


CLEAR Young Professionals Corps is a 501(c)3 student-led social justice leadership development program based in Fresno, California. Our focus is to help students prepare to become confident community leaders and professional social justice advocates. Through our platform, we aim to inspire students interested in creating positive change in their communities through advocacy, community building, research, and leadership development.

Our Mission

​CLEAR Young Professionals Corps promotes transparency, access and inclusion, a natural trifecta for leadership and social justice. These three combine to form our program’s values and in return, inspire behaviors and mindsets for personal and professional growth.

Our Goals

Our goals are to inspire student leaders to become confident community advocates and engage students from underrepresented groups to pursue future positions in areas of civic engagement, business and leadership.

Our Impact

Our members will learn about social issues/inequities impacting the Central Valley & in communities beyond. Program members receive mentoring, opportunities to engage with the media around social justice issues, attend workshops/discussions with current business professionals, and professional and personal development.

About Us

Who We Are

​CLEAR Young Professionals Corps is a 501(c)3 student-led social justice leadership and advocacy program based in Fresno, California. Our grassroots began with The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) in 2019.
CLEAR was founded in February 2011 and became recognized by the federal government as a “non-profit organization” in March of 2012. CLEAR’s mission is that of a Center comprised of leaders in education and the community who prioritize inquiry and solutions to issues of race, culture, and equity for students in Prek-12, higher education campuses, and community sites. CLEAR is dedicated to be an organization of action, or “Praxis,” that addresses the three strands we have developed as our areas of expertise; Leadership, Equity, and Research. The essence of leadership for social justice and equity is to practice “praxis”. . . that which Paulo Freire described as “reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it.” It is to do the right thing in spite of the obvious barriers one encounters. We will continue to implement activities, including mentoring, on behalf of children and communities and are in conversation with other companies and organizations to do the same.

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Get Involved

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