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Cohort 6 Participants

Meet our Cohort 6 Participants

Frank Duran (click here for resume)
Principal, G.M. Dewolf High School at Fresno Unified School District

Gilda Nidia Lehman (click here for resume)
Admin. Analyst/Specialist and Program Coordinator/Advisor at CSU Fresno

Christina Luna, Ed.D. (click here for resume)
Assistant Professor at CSU Fresno and CSU Channel Islands

Kenneth Magdaleno, Ed.D. (click here for resume)
Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, DPELFS and Department Chair, Department of Educational Leadership, Kremen School of Education and Human Development at CSU Fresno
Co-Director, Collaborative Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership at CSU Fresno and CSU Channel Islands
Executive Director at CLEAR

Darren Miller (click here for resume)
Principal, Counselor at Madera Unified School District

Janell Morillo, Ed.D. (click here for resume)
Associate Vice President, Student Health, Counseling and Wellness at CSU Fresno

Andre Pecina (click here for resume)
Principal on Special Assignment at Fresno Unified School District

JoJo Reyes, Ed.D. (click here for resume)
Director/Principal at Central Learning Adult/Alternative School Site

Angelica Reynosa, Ed.D. (click here for resume)
Director of Field Experience Placements and Co-Director of the Office of Clinical Practice at Fresno Pacific University

Michelle Seijas, Ed.D. (click here for resume)

Cindy Urrutia, Ph.D. (click here for resume)
Director, Center for Creativity and the Arts at CSU Fresno