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Access and Equity for All Students: A Cultural Proficiency Certification Program

The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research has partnered with The Center For Culturally Proficient Educational Practice to provide professional learning for participants who wish to become Certified Training Associates for Cultural Proficiency.

The content and processes for the training are presented in a Three-Phase format over 10 days. These customized learning experiences, created by Delores and Randall Lindsey and other Cultural Proficiency authors, are specifically designed learning opportunities that guide participants through self-examination, analysis of practice, and investigation of organizational policies.

Participants learn critical content, design a collective inquiry action plan, and learn and use presentation and facilitation skills for group development.

Training Associates for Culturally Proficiency are prepared to develop capacity within their district or agency. The Trainers become members of the Cultural Proficiency Learning Community.
Outcomes from the professional learning experiences include:
Narrowing and closing access and education gapsReducing and eliminating disproportional outcomes among student ableness, languages, and discipline/behavior and academic placement.Building professional capital (CTAs) within the district to grow and support large-scale change initiatives focused on access and equity for all students.
Breakfast Included, lunch on your own
Phase 1– October 16-18, 2019 – 3-Day Workshop
Understand the 4 Tools of Cultural Proficiency as a response to educational and equity gaps.
Fee: $625.00

Phase 2 – Nov 15-16 & Dec 6, 2019 – 3-Day Workshop
Collect site-based data and analyze how Cultural Proficiency can inform practice. Use 5 Essential Elements to turn values into action.
Fee: $625.00

Phase 3 – Jan 24-25 & Feb 7-8, 2020 – 4-Day Workshop
Use trainer-of-trainer model to prepare participants as Certificated Training Associates (CTAs) to build capacity using the 4 Tools of Cultural Proficiency in their school and district contexts.
Fee: $795.00
Weekday Sessions: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday sessions: 8:00 am – Noon
Visalia Unified School District
5000 West Cypress Ave., Visalia, CA 93288
Facilitated by Peter Flores III, Delores B. Lindsey & Randall B. Lindsey  
Please join us for a 3-phase, interactive, professional learning experience  

Peter Flores III, M.Ed.

Peter Flores III, M.Ed., is a K-12 Administrator, transformative leader and advocate for equity and access. Peter has presented at the International Cultural Proficiency Institute, facilitated at the Institute for Equity in Education, and cofacilitated Cultural Proficiency training at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles as part of the Tools for Tolerance for Educators program. Peter is a Senior Associate for the Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice (CCPEP) and member of the State Superintendents’ Transition team for Closing the Achievement Gap.  

Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D.

Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D., retired as Associate Professor of Education at California State University San Marcos, but did not retire from the education profession. As a former teacher, site administrator and county office administrator, Delores is well-known nationally and specifically in the north county area as coauthor of numerous books on Cultural Proficiency. 

Randall B. Lindsey, Ph.D.

Randall B. Lindsey, Ph.D., coauthor of numerous books on Cultural Proficiency, is Emeritus Professor at California State University, Los Angeles. He has served as a teacher, an administrator, executive director of a non-profit corporation, and served as administrator at Redlands University and California Lutheran University.