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Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research

Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research is a peer reviewed open access online journal that publishes high-quality original papers. The scope of the journal is broad and encompassing, covering a range of research areas.

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VOL 6, NO 2 (2020)

Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research

Table of Contents


Foreword: Silver Lining in the Midst of the Perfect Storm
Mahmoud Suleiman

Academic Assessment of English Learning School-Aged Children
with Suspected Learning Disabilities
EunMi Cho and Robert John Kraemer

Black Girls and School Discipline:
Shifting from the Narrow Zone of Zero Tolerance to a Wide Region
of Restorative Practices and Culturally Proficient Engagement
Angela Clark-Louque and Talisa A. Sullivan

From Ally to Activist: Embracing Activism as an essential component
of Social Justice Educational Leadership to Combat Injustice in
American Schools
Michael L McIntosh

Educational Practices that Decrease Opportunity Gaps in Literacy
Virginia Araceli Feliz

Skill Identity: Creating Social Capital and Social Justice
Eve Bernstein and Ulana Lysniak

Book Review
Mistakes We Have Made: Implications for Social Justice Educators
Timothy P. Monreal

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