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Equity requires reflective practice and intentional activism towards creating a more inclusive and equitable organization to improve educator effectiveness, positive student outcomes, and increased parent engagement. Our schools need leaders who recognize that it begins with awareness – of self, of the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges, of our society, and of our school system” (Shields, 2018). Building capacity for Educational Equity requires transformative leaders who know how to change Pre-K-12 learning systems not just improve them.

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Jane Patterson, Ed.D. – Director,
Equity Division

Jane is an entrepreneurial education leader who has dedicated her professional life to improving opportunities for students and educators so that they may achieve their aspirations. Her first question is: Where are the roadblocks to personal fulfillment and how can we remove them? Often, the barriers are structural, sometimes they are cultural, and occasionally they stem from a lack of knowledge or information. Jane has spent the last twenty-two years working with education leaders to develop solutions to the challenges that are hindering their success.

Jane has worked with education thought leaders to develop and implement 11 innovative, student-centered schools. She has been a leader in bringing arts education and experiences to some of LA’s most neglected communities. She launched the West Coast office of Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts, and she collaborated with the presidents of CalArts and the Huntington to launch the Arts Consortium to expand opportunities for all children in LA County. Jane and her long-time business partner created learning software that helped 75,000 first-generation students write analytical arguments in preparation for post-secondary learning. Currently, Jane is a Senior Director at Thrively, a strengths-based learning journey that ensures that every child’s internal assets are known and valued.

On a personal level, Jane is a passionate CLEAR board member who has seen the vital importance of amplifying the diversity of voices in education and deepening the leadership bench so that all leaders can thrive. Jane enjoys competitive paddling, loves the outdoors, has experienced cultures around the globe, and is an arts enthusiast.

21 CLSA presents: Leading Praxis for Equity

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Day 1: Social Justice Leadership Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 9:00am-12:00 pm

Dr. Ken Magdaleno, Founding Executive Director of the Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR).

Dr. Magdaleno will explain the importance of social justice leadership to bring about structural and systemic change in education by addressing the effects of racism and inequitable educational policies on childhood trauma; especially that of Brown and Black students. Dr. Magdaleno will explain the importance of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as it pertains to mentorship and the development of transformative leaders.

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A Time to Take a Stand

In observance of Black History Month, the Center for Leadership Equity and Research is proud to host a virtual presentation: “A Time to Take a Stand”