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We work towards equity between people in our community and equity of access for all students to a quality education. Topics of focus in this area include Advocacy, Cultural Proficiency, Diversity, Community Empowerment, School Discipline, Professional Development/ Modules of Learning, and Equity in Action.

Youth Mentoring

At CLEAR, we believe in equity and this means we believe in ensuring that all students are provided with equitable access to education as well as leadership, academic enrichment, and mentoring to increase student achievement both academically and socio-emotionally.

Young Men’s Alliance at Baird Middle School

CLEAR has been a supporter of the Young Men’s Alliance (YMA) at Baird Middle School, in Fresno, Calif. since 2011. The program began three years ago under the tutelage of Valerie Martinez, Principal of Baird Middle School and Ricardo Guevara, Instructor for the Young Men’s Alliance. The program was developed to address the behavioral and academic issues that many of our young men encounter. Through a leadership and character building curriculum, the YMA coordinators and teachers are able to show students that there are real and inspiring options when it comes to their future and success.

The YMA curriculum includes:

  • Young Men’s Alliance class: meets daily with Instructor Ricardo Guevara
  • One-on-one Mentoring: once a week
  • Guest Speaker: once a week
  • Teen Leadership curriculum (Flip Flippen): three days a week
  • Other: field trips to universities, job sites, and other leadership building activities.
  • Leadership Roles: Students take on leadership roles on campus, such as making daily announcements, coordinating activities with the Functional Skills class, running the snack bar, and planning events.

 Wawona Mentoring Program at Wawona Middle School

The purpose of the Wawona Mentor Leadership Academy is to improve student outcomes for boys of color through mentoring, leadership, and character development. This is the first year of the program with the first cohort of eleven 7th grade boys.  Next year, these boys will be mentors as 8th graders, mentoring their 7th grade mentees. The students currently meet daily throughout the week for 1 hour during 5th period.

The activities for the program include:
• 5th period class with the cohort of students and teacher/mentor
• Learning academic strategies for success
• Learning about character and leadership development
• Guest speakers
• Educational trips off campus
• Involvement in sports and other extra-curricular activities on campus
• Mentoring 7th grade students when this current cohort become 8th graders

Young Men’s Mentoring Program at Cooper Academy

The purpose of the Young Men’s Mentoring Program is to ensure that all students are provided with equitable access to education as well as leadership and mentoring opportunities in order to increase student achievement both academically and socio-emotionally.  Participants meet every Tuesday through Thursday mornings during “0” period. This school year, the program is planning a college tour as well as an end of the year trip to the beach for all students to celebrate accomplishments. Students have already attended a basketball game at Fresno State as well as a Wonder Valley session on leadership development with guest speakers.