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Announcing our Sixth Annual Mentoring Summit…


Mentoring at the Intersection of Education, Business, and Community Leadership

The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) is pleased to announce our Sixth Annual Leadership Mentoring Summit taking place on October 27, 2017 on the campus of Fresno State. We will be sharing expert information on how to inspire, mentor, and network as education, business and community leaders focus on developing the next generation of leaders through mentoring. This Summit will once again feature an outstanding keynote speaker and informative breakout sessions.

The CLEAR Sixth Annual Mentoring Summit is the only Mentoring Summit in the Central Valley of the State of California addressing both youth and adult mentoring. Our experience in offering this Summit indicates that anyone interested in learning more about mentoring at both the Youth and Adult mentoring levels should consider attending. Previous Mentoring Summits included attendee’s from the business, community, P-12 and Higher Education sectors. Our focus this year is on “Leadership Mentoring.”

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CLEAR Fourth Annual Golf Tournament

Thank you to our golfers and sponsors!

Each year our annual golf tournament raises funds to support youth mentoring programs. In the past few years, we have been honored to support three middle schools through this fundraiser and additional grant monies.

At CLEAR, we believe in equity and this means we believe in ensuring that all students are provided with equitable access to education as well as leadership, academic enrichment, and mentoring to increase student achievement both academically and socio-emotionally.

Here are three schools we have been able to support.

Young Men’s Alliance at Baird Middle School





Wawona Mentoring Program at Wawona Middle School





Young Men’s Mentoring Program at Cooper Academy





Congratulations to our first place winners.

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Mentoring Program Cohort 6

Accepting applications for CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program Cohort 6!

What is the CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program?
The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) Leadership Mentoring Program provides participants with an opportunity to participate in a formal and structured mentoring program. Mentors and protégés work together to develop goals and objectives that guide each towards a more meaningful leadership experience whereby participants combine professional learning and mentoring to succeed as a leader. The CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program develops a “mentoring culture” whereby mentors and protégés, together with other like-minded leaders, seize upon the opportunity to implement and participate in “Praxis” or “Intentional Activism,” meant to change the manner in which “things have always been done.”

How long is the program?
The program is a one year program, with an option to continue onto year two.

How much is the program?
There is a $100.00 yearly membership contribution to CLEAR in order to cover incidental program costs.

How do I apply?
Complete the appropriate application below, along with additional forms and send applications to kmagdaleno@clearvoz.com. Applications are due by May 29, 2017.

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Fourth Annual Golf Tournament

“CLEAR on the Green”

An event to support youth mentoring
Golf and Lunch, including Silent Auction

Friday, June 2, 2017

Belmont Country Club
8253 E Belmont Ave.
Fresno, CA 93727

Come on out, play and raise funds to benefit our middle school mentoring programs. The CLEAR Golf Tournament is also a fun opportunity to learn more about the CLEAR mission, meet fellow golfers, and show off your golf skills!

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CLEAR Membership

CLEAR Membership is now available!  Learn more at: http://clearvoz.com/clear-membership/membership-announcement

Featured Article: Mentor + protégé = leadership development

Article featured in Fresno State’s Campus News

Mentor + protégé = leadership development
Mentoring programs for faculty and staff are providing coaching, encouragement, leadership and professional career development for Fresno State aspiring leaders.

The offices of Faculty Affairs and Organizational Excellence are collaborating with Dr. Kenneth Magdaleno from the Mentoring Center to coordinate these programs. The mentoring program connects a protégé with a mentor — usually an experienced person who is passionate about the University and being a campus leader.

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