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Custom Post Types

[columnContainer] [column span=”span4″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-calendar” link=”/hope/events” tip=”View the Events page”]Event System[/panelHeader]

Add and manage events through Events Custom Post Type. The events custom post type also comes equipped with a widget for easily adding events anywhere inside sidebars.

[/column] [column span=”span4″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-picture” link=”/hope/gallery-page/children-aid-charity-event/” tip=”View the Gallery page”]Gallery System[/panelHeader]

Add unlimited photo/video galleries through the Gallery Custom Post Type. Upload photos with thumbnails, add image captions and add Youtube videos.

[/column] [column span=”span4″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-user” link=”/hope/organizers/” tip=”View the Organizers page”]Organizers[/panelHeader]

Add organizer profiles quick and easy through the Organizer Custom Post Type. Each profile can be configured with personal and social information for easy access to contact information.

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