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New Issue: Journal for Leadership, Equity, and Research

Announcing a special edition of the Journal for Leadership, Equity, and Research (JLER), focused on Latina/o/x PreK-12 Education.

Reopening Schools and Investments Moving Forward: Ways In Which School Systems Need To Pay Back Their Educational Debt

As districts across the state prepare to return to the classroom, many educators have shifted their focus to reimagine traditional schooling. Register for this free online webinar.

Social Justice

As a Social Justice organization, CLEAR believes that:
Social justice recognizes the inherent dignity of all people and values every life equally. It calls for both personal reflection and social change to ensure that each of us has the right and the opportunity to thrive in our communities, regardless of our identities. Those who strive for social justice believe in the triumph of our shared humanity.
-Kalamazoo College

Leadership Through Mentorship

Leadership is transformational. In order for communities to rise, the next wave of leaders are empowered and guided by todays most prominent Health, Political, Educational and Organizational leaders.

Equity Makes our Communities Stronger

Discover the importance of equity and how it can make our communities stronger. Visit our equity strand page to learn more about professional development opportunities and information about ethnic studies and undocumented students.