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[columnContainer border=”yes”] [column span=”span12″]

This page displays Alert Shortcode examples. The alert shortcodes accepts the close parameter with a value of true or false. Passing in a value of false will prevent the alert box from being closed (see the Danger Box example below).

[/column] [/columnContainer] [columnContainer border=”yes”] [column span=”span6″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-warning-sign”]Danger Box[/panelHeader] (alert close="true" type="danger")This is an Alert Danger box.(/alert)

[alert close=”true” type=”danger”]This is an Alert Danger box.[/alert] [/column] [column span=”span6″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-info”]Info Box[/panelHeader] (alert close="true" type="info")This is an Info box.(/alert)

[alert close=”true” type=”info”]This is an Alert Info box.[/alert] [/column] [/columnContainer] [columnContainer] [column span=”span6″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”]Success Box[/panelHeader] (alert close="true" type="success")This is a Success box.(/alert)

[alert close=”true” type=”success”]This is an Alert Success box.[/alert] [/column] [column span=”span6″] [panelHeader icon=”icon-adn”]Alert Box[/panelHeader] (alert close="true" type="alert")This is an Alert box.(/alert)

[alert close=”true” type=”alert”]This is an Alert box.[/alert] [/column] [/columnContainer]